The garbage problem is becoming more complicated! In Jakarta alone, there are more than 7.000 tons of waste appearing every day. While the ‘recycling’ lifestyle is being enthusiastically encouraged by the communities around the world, ironically, the waste recycling percentage in our country can be observed as low. In fact, we are still living in a ‘linear’ pattern (take – use – dispose); where almost all of the waste that we produce ends up in the Landfill (Tempat Pembuangan Akhir—TPA); unmanaged and not disaggregated. Looking at these conditions, the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI) in collaboration with Ancora Foundation initiated a project titled #PlasticReborn, a program focusing on building both waste management understanding and behavior as a lifestyle among the young generation.

As many as 45 high school students alongside their teachers are invited for a school trip to the Bantar Gebang Landfill and the Waste4Change Material Recovery Facility (Rumah Pemulihan Material—RPM) to be given education on how to process waste, in particular plastic packaging. Similar activities will be organized throughout next year, involving at least 60 high schools and 30 universities.

In collaboration with the ANCORA Foundation, the #PlasticReborn project is designed by integrating three key aspects:

  • EDUCATION. Focused in provoking thoughts and actions for a positive change. Through this pillar, activities are focused on the process of sorting plastic packaging waste bottles through the distribution of collection drop box in more than 60 high schools & universities. To provide a more in-depth understanding, these students are also invited to observe the Bantang Gebang landfill condition and receive education directly in the field.
  • EMPOWER. Focused in facilitating the creation of a strategic collaboration in utilizing plastic packaging waste by converting them into useful goods of economic value. Through this pillar, activities are focused on the processing & upcycling of plastic packaging waste collected through collection drop box activities at schools and campuses.
  • • INSPIRE. Focused in forming a new perspective of viewing plastic packaging not as waste but as valuable material if it is managed properly. Through this pillar, activities are focused on inviting the public to spread positive change through the #MulaiDariGue movement in social media, involving various communities and influencers.

Project #PlasticReborn School Trip to Bantar Gebang Landfill is the first of a series of school trips to be held until 2018. Students will be briefed on how waste disposal behaviors play an important role in a good waste management chain. In addition to receiving education on waste processing, students also participated in various activities such as the Akademi Bijak Sampah pre-test, a competition in sorting out 80 liters of waste, in order to observe the plastic enumeration to organic composting process. At the end of the activity, they are challenged in how to apply what they have learned during the #PlasticReborn School Trip and the best team will receive an opportunity to have their planned project activated at their school.

Since October 2017, the #PlasticReborn project began with the #MulaiDariGue campaign, by placing 100 special PET plastic bottle garbage containers at various high schools and universities in Jakarta and Bekasi. These plastic bottles will then be further processed through Waste4Change to become economically valuable items, such as bags.