PerpuSeru, organized by The Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia, alongside the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is a program aimed at developing public libraries into community learning centers to provide information technology-based services. PerpuSeru can now be found in 586 Village Libraries and 104 District Libraries across 18 provinces, and has made a social impact on the quality of life in the community. As a celebration of its success, PerpuSeru organized the "Seribu Cerita PerpuSeru" road show event so the public could be inspired by the program’s success.

Muh Syarif Bando, Head of Library of the Republic of Indonesia, said that the Library has a strategic role such as supporting various fields, from education to empowerment, to achieve social and economic progress. The advancement of Information and Communication Technology has contributed to the modernization of libraries by combining them with digital services to meet the needs of the people. The National Library (Perpusnas) is also partnering with the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia and supporting PerpuSeru.

Titie Sadarini, Chief Executive Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia, said that the real impact noticed from this program was the improvement of people’s quality of life in getting employment, increasing income, creating new jobs, improving health knowledge, becoming a medium of self-actualization, creating a peer support group among the society, channeling hobbies, and business development in the society. Given the impact in these areas, the development of information technology-based libraries is vital in order to provide an even larger impact for the community.

Public figures and members of the public who are successful in each partner library of PerpuSeru will conduct the “Seribu Cerita PerpuSeru” road show in 7 cities to share inspirational stories and provide education. This event aims to motivate people to come and study in the library in order to improve their quality of life and also the environment.

Among the public figures who will contribute to PerpuSeru activities are Najwa Shihab, who is the Reading Ambassador of Indonesia and Adinia Wirasti. “I believe that knowledge is power,” said Adinia.

"And I believe that PerpuSeru can help many people find their own strengths so they can have an impact on themselves, their families and their field of work. Let’s go to PerpuSeru."

PerpuSeru has created entrepreneurial opportunities that provide employment and change peoples’ lives. Among those who experienced the impact of PerpuSeru in their lives are 27-year-old Harratul Lisan from Tlogosih Village, Demak, Central Java, and 34-year-old Ni Wayan Srimentik, from Tianyar Barat Village, Bali.

Harratul Lisan, or Harra, attended basic computer and design training at PerpuSeru Demak in September 2017. "When I learned that PerpuSeru held the basic computer and design training, I was very interested to attend and learn something new,” she said. “After the training, the following day I started looking for ideas to make a shirt printing business. I currently have 5 members of a core team to make an average order of 100 shirts a month. I will continue to participate in PerpuSeru to obtain the latest information on marketing and to learn the market trends."

"PerpuSeru helped change my life," said Ni Wayan Srimentik. "I went to PerpuSeru for the first time on October 2016 and gained inspiration to make herbal incense. The challenge that I face is how to market this incense. Thanks to the advocacy and support from PerpuSeru, now the ‘Munti Gunung’ herbal incense has been recommended by the Regent to be used in all Karangasem Bali regency agencies. I will also continue to participate in PerpuSeru, to continue to learn and to have herbal incense become more accepted by the public.”

Until the end of November 2017, the Seribu Cerita PerpuSeru will visit Lubuk Linggau, Pangkalan Bun, Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Wakatobi and Ambon. The program will begin again in January 2018. "Our hope is that the success stories from PerpuSeru can help motivate more and more people to come and study in the library," said Titie. "We also hope that the government can replicate this program to other libraries and produce even more success stories. This is the spirit of PerpuSeru in realizing a better life."