In the spirit of Youth Pledge, Nutriboost, through the Siap Gowes Nyalakan Semangat campaign that has been running since August 7, 2019, succeeded in collecting calories from 52,729 young Indonesians on static cycling in 71 points. Held in six Indonesian cities, namely Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bali, Makassar, and Palembang, Siap Gowes Nyalakan Semangat helped launch Nutriboost milk drinks in chocolate and coffee flavors with the VITA GO logo, which was carried out in various Car Free Day locations, campuses, and malls in each city.

"Nutriboost is proud to be able to invite young Indonesians to take part in Siap Gowes Nyalakan Semangat, which we prepared to celebrate Youth Pledge,” Monika Puspitasari, IMC Senior Manager of Dairy & Juice of PT Coca-Cola Indonesia. “This is a challenge for us in gathering the youths from various big cities in Indonesia, but the enthusiasm of the Indonesian youth makes it easy for this activity to be realized and with such a positive impact.


Triyono, Senior Manager of The Indonesia World Records Museum or MURI, said, "MURI is also proud when the MURI record-breaking activities have a positive impact on society, just like this Nutriboost activity. Idea and creativity are also considered in addition to the number or size of the achievement. We hope that this activity will provide a positive spirit for Indonesia, especially towards Youth Pledge Day on October 28, 2019."


"Through Siap Gowes Nyalakan Semangat, which in line with the spirit of Youth Pledge, Nutriboost wants to encourage young Indonesians to actively move and burn calories by cycling collectively, which also has a positive impact on health. By consuming Nutriboost, we hope that the body will get the right additional nutritional intake, so Nutriboost can be the choice of the Indonesian youth to increase their spirit during their daily activities," added Monika.

Nutriboost milk drink with the VITA GO logo contains various vitamins B3, B6, E, and Zinc. Vitamin B3 and B6 in Nutriboost are good for metabolism and energy formation.


Nutriboost is available in two packages, a 180 ml box and a 240 ml bottle that is easy to carry. Chocolate Nutriboost milk drinks and coffee flavors are also made to suit Indonesian taste.