Plastics are the prima donna for various needs, especially when it comes to material for packaging, furniture, and electronic components. Unfortunately, used plastics are often thrown away without being reused. In fact, plastics actually can be very useful, even used ones can earn you money.

The government also views that plastic waste management is very important. At the policy level, the government is targeting Clean Indonesia by 2025, which is stipulated in the Presidential Decree No. 97/2017 on National Policy and Strategies for the Management of Household Waste and Household-like Waste.

Modifying plastic waste has high economic potential

Did you know that plastic waste has high economic potential if recycled? The Industry Ministry said that the potential added value from plastic recycling industry in Indonesia could reach Rp 10.5 trillion. 

During the recycling process, plastic waste will be turned into pieces, then into flakes and plastic pellets, until finally they are processed into finished products, such as buckets, gutters, and others. Some plastic waste can also immediately be transformed into new products without having to destroy them. Some of the examples are knitted bags from plastic bags, or beautiful lamps from used plastic cups. 

All parties can contribute to reducing plastic waste and promote the use of recycled plastics. One example is Coca-Cola, a soft drink company in Indonesia, through its Plastic Reborn program. The program is a movement aimed at realizing the objective of World Without Waste, which is collecting and recycling bottles or cans that the company sell by 2030.

In 2018, an event called Plastic Reborn 1.0 was launched to facilitate the collection of plastic packaging at more than 100 schools and universities in Jakarta. The plastic packaging was then processed into multifunctional bags that has commercial value. The event successfully collected 1.7 tons of plastic bottles, which later on processed into cool bags.

Through the initiative, Coca-Cola wants to introduce circular economy to the community through plastic packaging waste management. The process comprises of collection, recycling, and upcycling.  Therefore, the waste will have a reusable value (second life) and the process could turn into a new business model that is profitable.


Coca-Cola merchandises are produced by using recycled PET (rPET) materials, such as chairs, t-shirts, lanyards, backpacks, waist bags, hats, which are cool to wear.

So, don’t throw away your plastic waste. You can turn them into unique items that can bring many benefits. Good luck!