The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted people to delay various activities. One of them is office activities, which until today, have been carried out at home. Therefore, to rebuild enthusiasm and unite its employees in Southeast Asia, Coca-Cola presents ASEAN’s Got Talent.

Just like talent shows that we usually watch on TV, this program is an internal talent showdown for Coca-Cola employees in Southeast Asian countries. ASEAN’s Got Talent was the first online activity done this year due to the pandemic. The talents were very diverse. There are singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, drama, and magic shows. The enthusiasm of Coca-Cola employees in ASEAN region was very high with each country can send more than one team.

Indonesia sent one team for the AGT, which comprised of eight people: Sylvia Tambunan, Kartika Nindya Putri, Yenni Bahtera Mustikawaty, Christofer Audrey Auruman, Andrew Hallatu, Emi Kusumaningrum, Hans Kusuma, and Mohamad Rezki Yunus. Other than having talents, these eight people also have the determination to complete the challenge from the special edition of ASEAN’s Got Talent in the midst of a pandemic, which clearly has different circumstances from ordinary situations. 

The talent shown for this competition was singing, which is presented in the form of a compilation music video. Creating something during quarantine was not an easy thing because there are health protocols that must be followed, such as carrying out physical distancing. During this time, technology is the main factor. The entire coordination process, from song selection to the making of concept video, was done through virtual meetings or discussions via WhatsApp.  

The chosen song was “We are All in This Together”, which is the original soundtrack of the High School Musical series. Apart from being optimistic and cheerful, this song is expected to give positive vibes to people who watch the video. In a difficult times like this, enthusiasm and hopes are precious things that must be spread. Unexpectedly, the video made the Coca-Cola Indonesia team qualify for the next round. Therefore, the eight participants made another compilation music video as the final show for the AGT talent competition this year. For the final video, Indonesia team picked the song “Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, a song that is full of meaning and teaches us to always be grateful for the beauty in the world, even though at the moment we can only enjoy it from home.

Even though it is difficult, Coca-Cola Indonesia Team is determined to tackle all challenges of this pandemic edition of AGT. There were many exciting things happen during the making of the video. For example, an employee must shoot a video while standing on a chair just to get a white wall background. Another employee has to pile up cans and books and use it as cellphone stand due to limited availability of recording devices at home. Not to mention technical problems during the final editing process of the video because sometimes the recording volume was not loud enough or the lyrics sung did not match the tempo of the song. Re-recording some parts of the song was often done in order to get better material. The music video may run for two minutes, but it required a lot of hard work from the team members.

The hard work of Coca-Cola Indonesia team has paid off. They were awarded the 1st Runner Up in ASEAN’s Got Talent 2020. For the team members, the award received was a bonus because the story behind the video is a more exciting thing to tell and will become good memories in the future.