FRESTEA, a part of The Coca-Cola Company, has just launched FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar in the first quarter of 2021. FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar is a new flavor variant that combines high-quality tea flavors, delicious milk, and unique brown sugar taste. The latest product provides a fresh sensation FRESTEA has known for, yet creamy, much akin to a premium brown sugar milk tea beloved by consumers.

The story of FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar development

Joshua Gunawan, Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, explained that FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar Tea has gone through quite a long and detailed development process. Before deciding to launch FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar, FRESTEA first delves into the market's taste.

The research shows that brown sugar milk tea is one of the most popular drinks among consumers. However, this drink's price is still not affordable for everyone, and its availability is still limited to certain milk tea outlets. Therefore, seeing the high consumer interest, FRESTEA is committed to produce a packaged brown sugar milk tea so that everyone can enjoy it.

Finding the flavor

During the development process, the FRESTEA research team mapped out the flavors of brown sugar milk teas on the market to determine which flavor was the best. This process is essential in finding the best flavor that FRESTEA can serve to consumers. After finding out the right taste, the research team made sample products and tested them to limited respondents to see how consumers would react.

Respondents who tasted the sample products liked the taste, so FRESTEA continued the production process. "Because we know the response is good, we launch it in the form of the finished product," said Joshua.

FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar distinction over competitor products

Apart from its delicious and smooth taste, FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar also has another speciality, namely an affordable price starting from IDR 8,000. In addition, FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar can also be easily obtained because it is already available in minimarkets, supermarkets, and nearby shops. Thus, brown sugar milk tea lovers can savor their favourite taste more conveniently.

FRESTEA uses high-quality tea, milk, and natural ingredients. "FRESTEA uses quality tea, milk, and natural ingredients, not just flavors. So, FRESTEA has always prioritized quality,” said Joshua. This is what keeps FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar fresh.

FRESTEA uses tea, milk, and other natural high-quality ingredients. "High-quality tea and other natural ingredients, such as milk and the brown sugar for this matter are high-quality too, not just added flavor. So, FRESTEA has always been prioritizing quality," said Joshua. The incredible attention to quality is what keeps the freshness of FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar.

Joshua hopes that FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar's smooth and unique flavor can make this product well received by consumers. "Hopefully it can become a consumer favorite," continued Joshua.

Product launch challenges during the pandemic

Launching a new product during the pandemic is challenging. Offline activation, which effectively attracts consumers' interest, can no longer be done like it used to be. Therefore, FRESTEA must take advantage of other methods. Joshua explained that FRESTEA has four strategies that have been implemented starting March 1, 2021.

First, FRESTEA collaborates with minimarts or supermarkets by installing in-store communications such as banners, displays, and posters. Joshua is confident that everyone definitely will come to the minimart or supermarket to buy various necessities. With the presence of attractive in-store communication, he hoped that consumers would be aware of FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar and are interested in trying it.

These minimarts and supermarkets will also run special promos such as buy two get one free, introductory prices, special discounts, and so on. Thus, consumers will be more eager to try FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar.

The second strategy is by employing digital marketing, primarily through social media. FRESTEA, which targets active and explorative young consumers, uses social media as a channel to reach consumers. One of them is by holding various digital activations in collaboration with several well-known influencers.

The third strategy is to distribute free samples to consumers. However, the distribution is done in such a unique way. "We know that, for example, giving samples in stores is quite difficult because we also want to maintain COVID-19 protocols," said Joshua. Therefore, the sample will be distributed online.

FRESTEA will display digital ads that consumers can click on if they are interested in tasting FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar for free. After filling in the required data, consumers will receive a unique code that they can exchange directly at the convenience store. These free samples are limited, so only the fastest person will get them. "This online sample distribution will be carried out at the end of March 2021," said Joshua.

The fourth strategy, FRESTEA will cooperate with several e-commerces to officially sell FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar. How is the collaboration between FRESTEA and e-commerce? One thing for sure, it will be remarkable.

Consumer response to FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar

FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar is already available since February 2021, and many consumers have tasted its unique flavors. To find out how consumers respond to this product, FRESTEA conducted social media listening. As a result, many consumers love the FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar.

With the Brown Sugar Milk Tea variant, the FRESTEA product line is now even richer in choices. Consumers can now easily relish brown sugar milk tea delicacy because FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar is readily available at a more affordable price.

Moreover, the FRESTEA Milk Tea Brown Sugar packaging uses transparent plastic bottles that are easier to recycle. A transparent plastic bottle is part of the World Without Waste program initiated by The Coca-Cola Company to make the world free of non-recyclable waste.