Coca-Cola Indonesia, through the INDONESIA SeGar movement, continues to inspire a positive lifestyle. After actively initiating various public movements and improving the function of public spaces through outdoor gym facilities in city parks, the INDONESIA SeGar Movement has also built a futsal court in Bogor city, West Java Indonesia.

"This is a collaboration with the Bogor City Government and Coca-Cola Indonesia through the INDONESIA SeGar Movement,” said Triyono Prijosoesilo, Public Affairs and Communications director of Coca-Cola Indonesia. “Through INDONESIA SeGar, we are really proud that we could support the Bogor government program for their residents. We hope our futsal court facility could inspire the Bogor residents to exercise and be positive.

During the launch, there was a friendly futsal match between the Bogor Mayor versus the local celebrities futsal club. "The futsal court is very nice and properly built and I had the pleasure of playing against the mayor of Bogor himself," said Judika, a runner-up from the 2005 Indonesian Idol Competition.

"Thank you to Coca-Cola for building this amazing futsal court,” said Bima Arya, the Mayor of Bogor City. “I present this as a gift to the youth of Bogor in celebration of Indonesian Youth Day. I believe this court will be useful for Bogor residents." 

The futsal court is free to use and is open to the public. It was built with special materials, and lamps were added around the court so the facility could be used at night.

Coca-Cola Indonesia Builds Futsal Court in Bogor, West Java Indonesia
Triyono Prijosoesilo PAC director and Bogor Mayor Bima Arya

Coca-Cola Indonesia Builds Futsal Court in Bogor, West Java Indonesia
A friendly match between the Bogor Town Hall Team and local Indonesian celebrities