Following the success of Coca-Cola Forest in Lampung and Bandung, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) launched the third Coca-Cola Forest, in Semarang. Through a collaboration with the local community and government, Coca-Cola Forest Semarang aims to improve the long-term water supply, by growing 50.000 tree seedlings per year that will be planted in water catchment areas around Central Java.

Coca-Cola Forest Semarang was inaugurated by Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) Group Managing Director Alison Walkinst, CCAI President Director Kadir Gunduz, Director of Waste, Hazardous Waste and Toxic Substances Management (PSBL3) Tuti Hendrawati Mintarsih and Regent of Semarang Mundjirin.

“Operating in a responsible manner and providing a positive impact to the community in areas in which we operate are values that are important to us,” said Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) Group Managing Director Alison Watkins. “We strive to partner with communities as well as businesses. There is always more to do, but the success of Coca-Cola Forest program is a good sign for the continuation and success of our future in Indonesia.”

Coca-Cola Forest Semarang is supporting farmers and the local community to continue producing rice on CCAI-owned land, and at the same time helping to develop their skills in four new fields. They can plant trees in the CCAI tree planting and seeding area; learn to make compost from the dregs of CCAI tea production; breed fish in rice fields or what is also known as Minapadi in CCAI-owned rice fields; and explore the concept of reduce-reuse-recycle. Those four modules can be accessed by the public and delivered through two phases, namely in-class training and field practice, for maximum results.

“With the third Coca-Cola Forest, we combine community-empowering programs through four training modules, while conserving the environment by planting trees in the water catchment area,” said Kadir Gunduz, President Director of CCAI. “Alongside our other sustainability initiatives, Coca-Cola Forest is part of our commitment as a responsible business to grow together with the community in areas in which we operate.”

CCAI sees a comprehensive collaboration to achieve the goal of Coca-Cola Forest as crucial. There are a number of experts involved in the development of Coca-Cola Forest Semarang, including Komunitas Harapan, Satyacana University, and the Central Java Agricultural Office.

“The government of Central Java support and appreciate the efforts made by CCAI in the fields of environment and community development through the launch of Coca-Cola Forest Semarang. We hope that this collaboration can work well and act as a positive example of how the private sector, the government and the public can maintain and preserve the environment together,” said the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, on a separate occasion.

Since it began operating in Indonesia 25 years ago, growing together with the community and contributing in the preservation of the environment have become an important part of the business of CCAI. CCAI efforts in implementing CSR and Sustainability programs are applied in the four pillars: Our People, Our Wellbeing, Our Environment and Our Community.

In Central Java, CCAI has supported a wide variety of community activities around the CCAI factories and facilities through providing of educational assistance, donating of a hundred garbage bins to help post-consumer waste management, as well as promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through sports activities, including the annual football training program, Coke Kicks.