Did you know that according to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the contribution of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product reached 61.07%. The big role of MSMEs in Indonesia also increases labor absorption to 97%. So, saying that MSMEs are the backbone of the nation’s economy is not exaggerating at all.

However, the growth of MSMEs in Indonesia is now slowing down due to COVID-19 pandemic. A survey by International Labour Organization (ILO) showed that around 70% of MSMEs must stop their production activities since the pandemic took  a hit. 

 Therefore, Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI), Tokopedia, and Small Business Women Entrepreneur Association (ASPPUK) collaborated to empower thousands of MSMEs players, especially women and people with disabilities through Resilient and Creative Women Entrepreneur program.

“Community empowerment through MSMEs is very important to improve the prosperity of Indonesian people. The collaboration initiated by CCFI, Tokopedia, and ASPPUK is expected to provide access to business assistance for micro business players, especially women and people with disabilities, so they can be more resilient and creative in running their businesses through e-commerce,” Director of Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability at PT Coca-Cola Indonesia Triyono Prijosoesilo said.

Under the Resilient and Creative Women Entrepreneur program, women and disabled entrepreneurs are given training and assistance on how to market their products through Tokopedia. Therefore, these entrepreneurs will become more empowered and can generate more income during the pandemic.

The Impact of Participating in Resilient and Creative Women Entrepreneur program

Efforts to digitize MSME businesses have begun showing positive results, such as better digital literacy and higher sales volume. One of the participants in Resilient and Creative Women Entrepreneur program, Rofitasari Rahayu, also feels the same way. 

Rofitasari Rahayu, or Ayu, is deaf and speech impaired. She owns a business called Wayang Sodo Craft. With the help from her neighbours, she makes wayang puppets and has marketed the products in Tokopedia. Previously, she only relied on offline exhibitions and workshops to market the products. After receiving assistance on online marketing, Ayu now can increase sales of her wayang puppets.

Meanwhile, other program participant and Aulya Lurik business owner, Suyatmi, said, “Through the program initiated by CCFI, Tokopedia, and ASSPUK, I got assistance and new insights to run business online. Through this assistance, my business, which was initially unable to generate revenue due to the pandemic, is now starting to stabilize, even increasing by 10%.”

Assistance in Resilient and Creative Women Entrepreneur program

The program initiated by CCFI, Tokopedia, and ASSPUK is not only helping women and disabled entrepreneurs to have digital literacy. The program also offers assistance and training through the process so at the end the participants can become more empowered.

One of the program participants, Yomi Windi Asni, owner of Langis Soap, said that she was taught many things with great details. It starts from opening seller account at Tokopedia and uploading products in the online shop. The program also taught techniques to take photos of products and how to complete orders. Now, sales of Langis Soap is starting to increase slowly after being hit by the pandemic.

Other than assistance, program participants will also receive special trainings by ASPPUK, which is supported by Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia and Tokopedia. The supports range from program funding, access to a larger online market, and provision of applicable training modules.

Moreover, participants are also assisted on how to manage their online shops because just like offline stores, these online stores also need special attention. ASSPUK Deputy Director Mohammad Firdaus said the program also teaches participants about techniques to write product descriptions to attract buyers, how to package the products, how to access good raw materials, as well as provides information about the government’s capital program.

“Tokopedia focusses on providing modules. So, MSME players can take advantage of digital platforms in running their businesses. In Tokopedia, there are many partners such as banks and other financial institutions, which can provide capital assistance to start business during the pandemic. However, this collaboration does not only focus on the capital, but also expertise and market access,” said VP of Corporate Communications at Tokopedia, Nuraini Razak. 

The target is that this training can be conducted for a year with 2,500 women and disabled entrepreneurs participating in the program.

Part of the Coca-Cola Compant’s 5y20 program

This collaboration is part of the Coca-Cola Company’s global program called 5by20, which targets economic empowerment by improving the capabilities of five million women entrepreneurs worldwide by 2020.

This program is run by Coca-Cola in various countries around the world by providing access to business skills development, financial services, assets, and support network from colleagues and mentors.

“In Indonesia, for women empowerment, we have been doing it since 2013 through various programs. Resilient and Creative Women Entrepreneur program is a bit different because we focus on e-commerce. We see this as an opportunity on how we can encourage more strong women entrepreneurs,” said Triyono.

So, let’s support these tough women and disabled entrepreneurs by buying their products. Let’s prove that we are #BanggaBuatanIndonesia!