Ades bottled drinking water brand, as part of Coca-Cola Indonesia, has a commitment to ensure excellent drinking water quality and has the vision of purity. This vision not only realized by the water consumed, but also from the pure intention to protect the environment carried out together with stakeholders and the community.

Today, ADES introduces #NiatMurni Ades as a concrete action that continues initiatives and efforts to manage used plastic bottles. The 'Niat Murni' comes as a continuation of the previous works of ADES to maintain the purity of water that comes through the first Billboard program that uses used plastic bottles.

#NiatMurni Ades collaboration with Gojek, a leading on-demand mobile service provider and payment facility in Southeast Asia, will utilize the GoSend service as an easy solution for collecting used plastic bottles. This program is a joint effort to help the community actively understand and participate in efforts to care for the environment by integrating technology as a platform to encourage circular economic ecosystems in Indonesia.

Mohamad Rezki Yunus, Marketing Manager of Hydration, Coca-Cola Indonesia, explained, "ADES is committed to always ensuring the quality of its water purity. ADES sees the importance of the sustainability of the program to the environment which will have an impact on the preservation of ADES springs. This is what underlies ADES's initiative working with Gojek and Waste4Change as partners with the same mission in terms of giving back to the environment. This is ADES's effort to encourage #NiatMurni to give positive benefits to the environment by participating in a simple way, which is collecting used plastic bottles."

Currently, the community does not have sufficient awareness and behavior about the importance of adequately sorting waste yet. Meanwhile, sorting and processing waste can be done by everyone in the household. With Ades partnering up with Gojek, people can send their used plastic bottles waste to the nearest garbage banks. Therefore, they can actively make a positive impact on the environment.

"Ades believes that every plastic bottle can have a value that is more than just trash (second life). Through this collaboration, we hope to help overcome the problem of waste management by educating the public to actively contribute in sorting out plastic waste bottles in their respective homes, and then sending them to the nearest waste bank points using GoSend services for later recycling, which will benefit Ades consumers and Gojek application users," said Mohamad Rezki Yunus.

At present, the amount of waste in Indonesia reaches 65.8 million tons per year, of which there are 7.2 million tons of plastic that were mostly used as plastic bags, packaging, and bottles. On the other hand, plastic waste has a vital role in terms of a sustainable economy, namely in creating a circular economy.

The collaboration of ADES and Gojek (and Waste4Change) is a part of the #NiatMurni ADES initiative, which started in May 2019. This movement is the concrete step to manage used plastic bottle packaging. #NiatMurni is in line with the vision of "WORLD WITHOUT WASTE" from Coca-Cola to actively overcome the problem of post-consumption plastic packaging through its three pillars, namely Design-Collect-Partner. In Indonesia, Coca-Cola applies the vision of World Without Waste through the Plastic Reborn initiative, which will become the umbrella of various sustainability initiatives in handling plastic waste.

Triyono Prijosoesilo, Public Affairs and Communications Director of Coca-Cola Indonesia, emphasized, "The #NiatMurni Ades and Gojek Synergy is in line with the Plastic Reborn Coca-Cola Indonesia, which is an effort to fulfill World Without Waste commitment. The team-up for collecting and the collaboration between ADES and Gojek (and Waste4Change) that integrate technology in this platform will support the circular economic ecosystem in Indonesia. This collaboration is our joint step to enable the community to manage their plastic bottle waste while also supporting the government's target in increasing the level of PE collection and recycling of waste for a better quality of the environment and life of Indonesia," added Triyono.

A simple role for people to play in the circular economy is collecting their used plastic bottles and send them with GoSend. GoSend is the key driver to ease consumers finding the nearest garbage banks supported by Waste4Change.

Junaidi, Head of Logistics for Gojek, revealed, "We sincerely support and welcome this collaboration with ADES and Waste4Change. This is in line with GoGreener, an initiative from Gojek that aims to make it easier for consumers, merchant partners, and driver-partners to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. We are sure the #NiatMurni and GoGreener initiative #PastiAdaJalan will encourage a greener lifestyle. "

This collaboration also gives economic value to each used plastic bottle where every 50 used plastic bottles sent by consumers will get 2000 points. Those points can then be exchanged for PLN, pre-paid phone balances, or GoPay balances. In the initial stage, Synergy #NiatMurni Ades and Gojek will run for 3 months and then review the collection process and change the behavior of the community's perspective in seeing used plastic bottles.

Junaidi explained, "GoSend will make it easier for the public to reach the destination point of delivering plastic waste bins to the nearest garbage bank. This service can also be accessed through Gojek app by clicking Ades #NiatMurni banner on the shuffle card. Users will be directed to Waste4Change website where ordering GoSend and delivering used plastic bottles will be processed."

Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano, Founder and Managing Director of Waste4Change, added, "The active role of consumers to behave more wisely in handling their waste is very necessary. We are supporting the #NiatMurni Synergy through the Waste4Change system that can connect consumers and users of Gojek app with recycling partners as a convenient solution to participate in collecting used plastic bottles."

To participate in the #NiatMurni initiative, people can help to ensure that used plastic bottles are well received by the waste bank. This can be done by simply crushing used plastic bottles for later collection, then sorting and storing in neat, tightly sealed packages before being given to GoSend's driver-partners.

"This collaboration is expected to encourage changes in community behavior in the management of packaging waste, starting from the neighborhood," Junaidi concluded.