Ades has returned to launched its environment-oriented campaign titled #NiatMurni (#PureIntentions). This initiative is a real-time existing movement to manage bottled plastic waste.

Ades' vision is to take the meaning of Purity by Consumer into the next level. Not only the Pure Water that Ades provide for consumer to consumer every day, but also to encourage people to show their pure intent to environment through simple meaningful act.

"We present #NiatMurni as more than just a marketing campaign that’s unique for Ades, but it is also the initial step to invite consumers to understand the importance of managing waste, especially plastic bottles. Plastic bottle wastes which will be gathered through these activities which will be held in six cities, will be later on recycled and used to create the first billboard in Indonesia made of plastic waste bottles," said Mohamad Rezki Yunus, Marketing Manager Hydration, Coca-Cola Indonesia.

This campaign will begin by inviting consumers in the six cities in Indonesia to collect bottled plastic waste, which will be transformed into a billboard. When completed, this will be the first billboard in Indonesia made of plastic bottle waste. The initiative has a clear aim to raise awareness of the value of plastic bottles.

The collection of plastic bottles will take place in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan and Makassar. This activity will collect all plastic bottle wastes from any brand of drinking water.

"In collecting plastic bottles wastes, we are collaborating with Waste for Change, who is part of Greenaration Indonesia, as a partner to help educate the public about the importance of sorting waste. "They will also help obtain the collected plastic waste bottles to be made into billboards, and then process them into various useful items," added Rezki.

This campaign is in line with Coca-Cola's vision of a "World Without Waste". This vision is also Coca-Cola's commitment to contribute in resolving the problem of plastic waste. In 2018, The Coca-Cola Company has also decided to help collect and recycle plastic packaging as much as the amount of packaging which will be sold in 2030.

"World Without Waste is very important for us, because we believe that to manage a healthy business, we need to live and operate in a community which is also healthy. The Ades' Pure Intentions campaign is one form of our brand's commitment to bottle plastic waste," said Triyono Prijosoesilo, Public Affairs and Communication Director of Coca-Cola Indonesia.

Ades, part of PT Coca-Cola Indonesia, is the only brand of bottled water which has the lightest packaging, due to its low use of plastic content. Previously, Ades launched a "Love Water, Love Life" campaign, a commitment to continue to provide pure drinking water to the community.