“Collaboration for Strong and Creative Women Entrepreneurs”

Indonesia, September 8, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected all sectors, including Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) showed that the number of people that enters the UMKM sector had rapidly grown, absorbing about 97 percent of workforce. MSMEs also play an important role in securing the Gross Domestic Product (PDB), due to the contribution that reaches 71.07 percent.  

On the other hand, a survey from the International Labor Organization (ILO) showed that about 70 percent of MSMEs were forced to suspend their production since the pandemic started. For that reason, Tokopedia, Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI) and the Association of Women Small Entrepreneurs (ASPPUK) are collaborating to empower thousands of MSME players, especially women and people with disabilities, through the Strong and Creative Women Entrepreneurs Program

Tokopedia VP of Corporate Communications Nuraini Razak revealed, “The key to face the pandemic is collaboration and innovation. Therefore, Tokopedia, in collaboration with CCFI and ASPPUK, is attempting to boost more local entrepreneurs, especially MSMEs, accelerate the adoption of digital platform in an attempt to maintain businesses amid the new normal.”

At the moment, almost 9 million sellers are registered on Tokopedia, with almost 100 percent are MSMEs, and even 94 percent of them are ultra-micro. “MSMEs play a significant role in recovering the economy, which is currently affected by the pandemic. For that reason, their growths must be supported together. In contrast, Tokopedia also hopes that more people will be proud with products made in Indonesia,” Nuraini explained.

In practice, about 2,140 MSMEs in West Java, Central Java and Yogyakarta receive educative materials on online business that are distributed online. 750 women and 75 people with disabilities MSMEs with the best business ideas will get the opportunity for a more intensive mentoring; accompanied by ASPPUK team offline, in a small group and with existing health protocols.

PT Coca-Cola Indonesia Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Director Triyono Prijosoesilo stated, “The community development through MSMEs is extremely important in improving the sustainable welfare of the people in Indonesia. The collaboration, initiated by CCFI with Tokopedia and ASPPUK, is hoped to provide business support access for micro entrepreneurs, especially women and people with disabilities, to be stronger and more creative in conducting their business through e-commerce”.

The collaboration is a part of The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Program 5by20 efforts that targets empowering the economy by improving the capabilities of 5 million women entrepreneurs in 2020. The 5by20 focuses on supporting women entrepreneurs in all Coca-Cola’s value chain – producer, supplier, distributor, retailer, recycler and agricultural craftsmen – in overcoming challenges when developing and growing their businesses.

By providing access to business skills, financial services, assets and the network of supporting partners and mentors, 5by20 supports successful women as entrepreneurs, as well as supporting the establishment of sustainable community.

“We hope that the women MSMEs empowerment program can explore potentials and offer opportunities for MSMEs in Indonesia to continue contributing to the national economy, amid the current challenging situation,” Triyono revealed.

ASPPUK Deputy Director Mohammad Firdaus explained, “We believe that each individual, both women and people with disabilities, has the same opportunities in starting and growing businesses. ASPPUK truly appreciates the collaboration with Tokopedia and CCFI. The empowerment program can open a pathway for MSMEs to survive in the current pandemic.”

One of the entrepreneurs that participated in the program is the Business Owner of Sabun Langis, Yomi Windi Asni. The woman from Bantul, DIY, develops a business that processes used cooking oil into environmentally friendly washing soap.

“Through intensive mentoring, my business can reach new marketing network from the digital platform, Tokopedia. We were assisted directly, starting from establishing an online store, uploading products, optimizing promotions to completing orders. The explanations were very easy to understand and can be immediately applied,” Yomi said.

On the same occasion, Business Owner of Warung Sodo Handicrafts Rofitasari Rahayu was also benefitted from the Strong and Creative Women Entrepreneurs Program. “ The program is extremely supportive to MSMEs, especially people with disabilities, to improve the product quality and marketing. Furthermore, through Tokopedia, my handicrafts can reach wider audience,” Rofitasari revealed.

Meanwhile, Business Owner of Aulya Lurik Suyatmi revealed, “Through the program from CCFI, Tokopedia and ASPPUK, I have obtained mentoring and new knowledge to boldly start  a business online, in the hopes of increasing sales, so it  can be the featured and pride product of Karangasem Village, Klaten, as well as conserving preserving Indonesian lurik weaving.”

“Through the mentoring, my business, which did not obtain any turnover due to the pandemic, is now stable, with an increase by 10 percent, ” Suyatmi continued.

The Strong and Creative Women Entrepreneurs Program has been conducted since December 2019, with assessing and organizing the women micro entrepreneurs in the initial stage.

In the month of February 2020, the second stage was started with training for the mentors, and then the training for 2,140 women and people with disabilities. After the training is conducted, 750 women and 75 people with disabilities micro entrepreneurs will be selected for further mentoring until the end of the year.

“Let’s support strong and creative women entrepreneurs by buying their products that are Proudly Made In Indonesia,” Triyono ended.