Jakarta, 21 June 2021Coca-Cola Indonesia along with brand SPRITE through  #LihatDenganJernih Project has recently donated eyeglasses made from recycled materials to the Yayasan Sejuta Kacamata Untuk Indonesia, a social organization which provides eye health checks and free glasses to visually impaired people from underprivileged communities. A total of 500 pairs of these glasses made from plastic recycled materials was distributed to deprived communities in Serang, Banten in early June  and Denpasar, Bali.

Sprite’s #LihatDenganJernih Project is a partnership between the beverage brand with Waste4Change, PlusTik and Yayasan Sejuta Kacamata Untuk Indonesia. Project #LihatDenganJernih was launched in February 2021, in conjunction with the launch of the new SPRITE packaging, which has been changed from the iconic green bottle package design to clear PET bottles, in order to make the bottles much easier to recycle – a move to make the vision of a World Without Waste a reality in Indonesia.

Fitriana Adhisti, Senior Brand Manager of PT Coca-Cola Indonesia, said, that "We really appreciate the support and collaboration from Waste4Change as a waste collection partner, PlusTik as a waste recycling partner and Yayasan Sejuta Kacamata Untuk Indonesia in making the #LihatDenganJernih Project a success, so that the program could help to assist those with visual impairments.”

The #LihatDenganJernih Project began in March 2021 by starting the process of collecting used plastic bottles through waste bank partners, working closely with Waste4Change. The collected plastic bottles were then managed and recycled by PlusTik along with other post-consumption plastics into Eco Plank, so they can be used to make various new items such as the eyeglasses for this project. The eyeglasses made from recycled material underwent a series of lab test procedures to ensure that no hazardous materials are left from the recycling process—making sure that they are safe for use.

This collective movement targets those in need of glasses but unable to afford one. There are many people who need glasses and lenses of the right size but are unable to buy a pair of glasses during the current pandemic situation. With the help of SPRITE, the project is helping the beneficiaries to see more clearly in order to carry out normal activities in their daily lives.

Heribertus Denny, Founder of the Yayasan Sejuta Kacamata Untuk Indonesia, said "We are very proud to be part of the #LihatDenganJernih Project, which not only aspires to help people in need, but also delivers an important message to the public, which is to invite them to see clearly that waste management can help the recycling process, which in the end can also help to solve the issue of plastic waste in Indonesia.”

In early June (05/06/2021), Yayasan Sejuta Kacamata Untuk Indonesia provided a free public eye health examination to selected beneficiaries in the Banten area. Held amidst the pandemic, Yayasan Sejuta Kacamata Untuk Indonesia ensured that every eye examination for beneficiaries was carried out following appropriate health protocols. Eye examination sessions limited the number of participants per hour to ensure that the public and the committee could maintain social distancing protocols at the location. In addition, other standard health protocols were observed, such as sterilizing the eye examination equipment before each examination was performed.

The #LihatDenganJernih Project ran from March 1st to May 1st, 2021. As many as 500 consumers participated and contributed to the eyewear donation movement as a result of the SPRITE collaboration with Waste4Change, PlusTik and Yayasan Sejuta Kacamata Untuk Indonesia. The process of distributing donations and also sending glasses to recipients will be taking place during the whole month of June 2021.

“The #LihatDenganJernih Project is a SPRITE initiative to help increase the rate of plastic packaging recycling in Indonesia. As a company, we aim to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle we sell. The shift from a green bottle to a clear one for Sprite is one of the many things we are doing to make our World Without Waste vision come to life. Part of that vision is inviting the younger generation to join our journey through educational activities in the community. We hope that this collaboration has inspired more people to join us in protecting the environment. Used recyclable plastic bottles are highly valuable. When given a second chance to live if properly collected and recycled, these used bottles can be turned into something useful for other people,” concluded Fitriana Adhisti.


To learn more about World Without Waste, visit : https://www.coca-colacompany.com/reports/world-without-waste-2020.