Surabaya, 26 February 2018 – In celebration of National Nutrition Day, Minute Maid Nutriforce invited thousands of mothers who are registered members of the Family Welfare Programme (PKK) and the community in Surabaya to participate in the “Aksi Ibu Peduli Nutrisi” activity. The program is a form of commitment by Minute Maid Nutriforce in providing education to mothers about benefits of nutrition for school-age children, in particular the importance of giving additional intake of vitamins and minerals that can meet ⅓ children’s daily nutritional requirements as well as creativity in serving nutritious foods to school-age children for their school lunch box menu.

Minute Maid Nutriforce is the latest variant of Minute Maid. The orange and mango-flavored beverage contains 11 beneficial nutrition, consisting of 8 vitamins and 3 minerals, to help fulfill ⅓ of children’s daily nutritional needs (vitamins B12, C, D and Zinc). Minute Maid Nutriforce completes the Minute Maid Pulpy variants that consist of Minute Maid Nutriboost, Minute Maid Homestyle and Minute Maid Refresh

After it was introduced to the community at the end of 2017, this year, Minute Maid Nutriforce hosted the “Aksi Ibu Peduli Nutrisi” in 3 major cities of Indonesia: Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar. This activity involves tens of thousands of mothers who are registered members of the Family Welfare Programme and the wider Indonesian community to receive education about the importance of nutrition especially for school-age children (5-12 years old) as well as its benefits. In addition to providing education, this activity also invited the mothers to show that they care about nutrition such as by consistently disseminating information about the nutrients that are needed by children, to preparing healthy lunch menu for children every day.

“This year, Minute Maid Nutriforce will visit three major cities, which are Jakarta, Makassar and Surabaya. We are here to invite mothers to deepen their understanding on the importance of meeting the daily needs of children, in particular fulfilling school-age children’s need for iron. The role of mothers is very important in determining the fulfillment of nutrition as well as diet to ultimately produce Indonesian children that are more creative, active and resilient. This activity is in line with the spirt and focus of National Nutrition Day, which focuses on building nutrition together with various actors to become a healthy and accomplished nation,” said Andrew Soendjojo, Marketing Manager of Minute Maid.

Dr. Grace Judio-Kahl, a nutritionist, revealed, “After the golden period of development, we must not forget the next phase, the school age phase, in which a child certainly needs nutrition fulfillment and proper diet to support their health and achievements. According to Basic Health Research in 2013, it is revealed that 26.4% of children aged 5-12 suffer from nutritional anemia, while they need a minimum of 10 mg of iron and 11 mg of zinc to fulfill their everyday needs. Also from the same research, elementary school-age children need the nutritional benefits from various vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron, vitamins B and C, to support their many activities and also to be creative when learning and performing activities outside of school. Therefore, it is important for mothers to begin determining the best nutritional fulfillment pattern for their children.”

*vitamin C, vitamin B12, Vitamin E dan Zinc

Based on Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Regulation No. 75 of 2013 regarding Nutrition Adequacy Rate, the vitamin and mineral needs in school-age children can be seen in the following table.

 Recommended Nutrition Adequacy Rate



Zinc (mg)

Vit C (mg)

Vit E

Vit B12 (mcg)













10-12, Male






10-12, Female






Source: RI Minister of Health Regulation No. 75/2013 on Nutrition Adequacy Rate

Anna Nirmala, one of the mothers who participated in the “Aksi Ibu Peduli Nutrisi” in Pandegiling, Surabaya stated, “By participating in the Aksi Ibu Peduli Nutrisi activities, I became aware of the importance of properly fulfilling the nutritional needs for children, in particular the need for essential vitamins and minerals. In school-age children, proper nutrition will support their growth process, improve their immune system and will also increase their learning concentration. I was fortunate to be able to participate in this activity and receive this highly inspirational education about nutrition. Last but not least, us mothers must also be able to demonstrate our action by applying the knowledge we have gained to realize healthier and more accomplished children.”

In line with Anna, Artika Sari Devi, mother of two revealed, “As a mother, I always make sure that children’s needs are always met, one of them through their school lunch boxes that I prepared. This is important because my eight-year-old son is beginning to become more creative in choosing his own extracurricular activities. Therefore, I make sure that the lunch boxes that I prepare for my children can meet their everyday nutritional needs. I show my care for my children’s nutritional needs by providing them with lunches that contains a balanced nutrition, complete with carbohydrate, proteins, vitamins and minerals. I will share one other tip—I added Minute Maid Nutriforce as a supplementary drink, to further fulfill their need for essential vitamins through 11 beneficial nutrition contained within.”

The vitamins C and E contained within Minute Maid Nutriforce serve as good antioxidants to protect a child’s body tissues, while vitamins B1, B3 and B12 can help form the energy needed to perform their daily activities both inside and outside of school, all of those vitamins are complimented by iron, which is a hemoglobin component inside red blood cells that distribute oxygen throughout the body to foster the development of a child’s thinking ability.

TINJAUAN BERITA PERS GALERI FOTO Minute Maid Nutriforce Gelar “Aksi Ibu Peduli Nutrisi” Bersama Ribuan Ibu di Surabaya