Certain news has circulated on social media that says Coca-Cola Indonesia is holding a survey with prizes to its participants. To that matter, Coca-Cola Indonesia officially declares that the prize survey is a scam perpetrated by individuals with malicious intent. Coca-Cola Indonesia is not involved to any degree.

Coca-Cola Indonesia is not conducting a prize survey in any form. All links shared in the widely broadcasted message are believed to be phishing attempts to steal your personal data. For this reason, Coca-Cola Indonesia advises you not to take the survey and also not share it on your social media.

All of Coca-Cola Indonesia's company programs will only be informed through the official Coca-Cola Indonesia channels and reliable news outlets, printed or electronic. Therefore, be sure to get information about the latest Coca-Cola Indonesia program from trusted sources.

Let's protect ourselves by being more cautious on the internet!

Be safe,

Coca-Cola Indonesia.