The ambulance unit handover is a part of the Coca-Cola’s humanitarian donation realization to the Indonesian Red Cross to fight against the outbreak

Jakarta, 22 September 2020 Coca-Cola Indonesia and Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (“Coca-Cola”) today conducted the virtual handover of one (1) ambulance unit to the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to support the organization’s activities in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. This humanitarian aid is part of Coca-Cola’s realization of its IDR 10 billion worth of donation that was channeled to the Indonesian Red Cross in April 2020.

Since first detected in March 2020, Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, threatening the livelihood of many communities across Indonesia. With the number of cases rising, it is becoming more critical that       every member of Indonesia’s society do their part to support Covid-19 response effort.

The handover of the ambulance unit has been officially made by the  President Director of PT Coca-Cola Indonesia Diego Gonzalez and the President Director of Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia Kadir Gunduz to the Chairman of the Indonesian Red Cross Jusuf Kalla today at separate locations.

Kadir Gunduz, President Director of Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia said that Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia continues to observe the developments in the situation and needs in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. “In order to stop the spread of the pandemic in Indonesia, all parties should work together to handle Covid-19, one of which is through humanitarian activities. We believe that active participation and positive synergy from various parties is one of the keys to success in overcoming the pandemic. Through this assistance, we hope to support PMI's mobility in handling COVID-19 in areas where it is most needed in Indonesia."

Today’s handover of aid to the Indonesian Red Cross is a gradual realization of Coca-Cola’s massive contribution to the organization as a way to support various emergency and humanitarian efforts, which include the education and training of affected communities in COVID-19 early detection and response as well as provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health workers and volunteers from the Indonesian Red Cross.

“Coca-Cola has been in Indonesia for more than 90 years and we consider ourselves as a citizen and part of the fabric of Indonesia community. In this time of great need, we share a great concern with many Indonesians who are living under the threat of pandemic,” explained PT Coca-Cola Indonesia’s PT Coca-Cola Indonesia President Director Diego Gonzalez . "One of our focuses right now is to continue providing support by regularly assessing the needs of affected communities. The ambulance that we provided to the Indonesian Red Cross will be used to assist the continuing fight against infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and at the same time mitigate the impact of the ongoing pandemic.”

The ambulance unit is planned to operate in Bali, which has been identified as an area with a high need for ambulances.


“As a humanitarian agency that focused on providing vital services to communities affected by this outbreak , it has become one of our priorities to continue helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The funds we received from Coca-Cola have been utilized to support the Indonesian Red Cross’s emergency response tasks in various regions throughout Indonesia. Today, we gratefully accept the donation of this much-needed ambulance unit which we will employ to support our COVID-19 relief efforts in Bali,” added Indonesian Red Cross Chairman Jusuf Kalla.

As a measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the Indonesian Red Cross and Coca-Cola have also aided the local community through several activities, including the distribution of Clean and Healthy Life Behavior (PHBS) kits to 250,000 families in DKI Jakarta and West Java. The Indonesian Red Cross has also carried out routine disinfection spraying services using a three-wheeled motorbike fleet which, as of May 2020, has reached 1,737,393 families in Central, South, and East Jakarta as well as East Java and South Sulawesi.

“Furthermore, we have also distributed 144 portable sink units to three provinces: DKI Jakarta, Banten, and West Java. These portable sinks are placed in various public facilities—particularly in markets and health centers—in 9 cities across the JaDeTaBek area (Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi). As many as 28,800 people have reaped many benefits from using these facilities,” said Jusuf Kalla.

Coca-Cola’s humanitarian donations toward COVID-19 prevention and emergency response activities have been conducted in several stages since April 2020 and is scheduled to conclude in November 2020. Coca-Cola intends to continue providing support as a form of solidarity and cooperation in an effort to help the Government of Indonesia and its people prevent further spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia.