Launch of the second Packaging Service Division and fourth Mega Distribution Centre Facility

In commemoration of its 25 years of operation in Indonesia, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCA) officially opened its Packaging Service Division (PSD) facility in Pandaan, East Java, on Thursday (9/3). In addition to the second PSD facility following Bekasi, CCAI also opened the fourth Pandaan Mega Distribution Centre (Mega DC) in the 6-hectare wide area, following Medan, Bekasi, and Semarang. PSD and Pandaan Mega DC will support CCAI to continue improving its services for the growing market in East Indonesia, including East Java.

Coca-Cola Amatil Group Managing Director Alison Watkins, and CCAI President Director Kadir Gunduz, inaugurated the facility alongside The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) President of ASEAN Business Unit Iain McLaughlin. Several representatives of the government also attended the occasion, including Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartanto, Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita, and Governor of East Java Soekarwo.

“This is an incredible 25 years since we first began operating in Indonesia,” said Group Managing Director Alison Watkins. “Currently, CCAI is the largest contributor to volume production for our group. Apart from some challenges that we face, our investment is a clear indicator that we intend to grow together with Indonesia for years to come.”

Since 1992, CCAI has invested more than US$ 1.6 billion overall. Currently, CCAI operate 37 production lines in 8 factories and employes more than 10.000 workers to serve more than 700.000 customers in traditional and modern markets throughout Indonesia.

“The facilities that we inaugurated today are concrete manifestations of our commitment in Indonesia, particularly in the eastern region, including East Java,” said CCAI President Director Kadir Gunduz. “We are realizing optimism through a plan which are consistent and company growth-oriented, and we are ready to support the government’s growth agenda, as we have done over the last 25 years.”

Over the past four years, CCAI has invested as much as US$ 350 million overall. In the next three years (2017-2019), CCAI will invest a total of US$ 288 million, while continuing to maintain a high standard in corporate governance which supports its role as an active member of society and in creating a strong future through strategic partnerships with the community and business throughout its entire area of operation.

Speaking further about the long-term commitment of CCAI, Kadir added, “Our commitment is also measured through the construction of our facilities and investment in cutting edge technology. We believe that a sustainable and thriving business will not be created unless we have a sustainable mutually beneficial relationship with the community.”

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