- Giving apprectiation to the Water Warriors of Indonesia and inviting the young generation to support environmental conservation programs -


Jakarta, 3 Mei 2018 — In commemoration of Water Day, World Earth Day and World Environment Day, Ades, as a brand of pure bottled water and part of PT Coca-Cola Indonesia, reinforced its commitment once again in preserving the environment. Through a collaboration with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Indonesia, Ades gave its appreciation to individuals considered to be committed in preserving the travel of water, these individuals are known as the Ades Water Warriors.

Ades Water Warriors are individuals who performed activities with a major impact in helping communities manage, maintain and guarantee water conservation by providing sustainable solutions. These Ades Water Warriors are given recognition along with Ades’ growing determination at becoming a brand that cares about water preservation, with water being a resource that came from life itself and is essential for the survival of the people. This value is reflected through the spirit of Cintai Air, Cintai Hidup.

Mohamad Rezki Yunus, Marketing Manager of Hydration, PT Coca-Cola Indonesia said, "With the spirit of Cintai Air, Cintai Hidup, Ades remains consistent with our core value of providing pure drinking water while simultaneously upholding a commitment to conduct sustainable business which is in line with Ades’ previous environmentally-oriented initiatives, such as reducing the use of plastic in Ades packaging and providing eco-lifestyle education to consumers through the Pilih, Minum, Remukkan campaign.”

“On this occasion, we want to continue spreading positive inspiration by putting into focus the story of two ‘warriors’ who have given substantial contributions in water conservation efforts. They are Sugeng Handoko from Yogyakarta and Romo Marselus Hasan from East Nusa Tenggara. Both figures have contributed greatly in preserving water as a source of life while providing a real positive impact for environmental conservation. Furthermore, the various initiatives they have undertaken have also succeeded in bringing to attention the many potentials existing in their area. We hope this award can serve as a starting point for continuous cooperation with the Water Warriors. For us and them to fight together for the conservation of water travel in Indonesia,” continued Rezki.

Sugeng Handoko, a Water Warrior from Yogyakarta, was selected for his contributions in transforming his village into an eco-oriented tourist village. The village of Ngalanggeran in the Gunung Kidul area has been transformed into a real example of a village that integrates greening, water conservation, and sustainable plantation practices into an educative and inspiring ecotourism attraction.

Similar to Sugeng, Romo Marselus Hasan from East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), has also encouraged the use of water in a wider way, by stimulating the infrastructure development of the Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH), a power plant that utilizes the potential flow of water available in the area. Through this microhydro program, Romo Marselus has succeeded in providing electricity for more than 1.200 households in 5 villages in NTT, where previously access to electricity is still very limited.

Ades’ sustainable commitment in conserving water

Furthermore, Ades wants to ensure that efforts to maintain the sustainability of the water journey from the Water Warriors can continue on an ongoing basis; Ades therefore works with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Indonesia to encourage its customers, especially the young generation to provide contributions through their potential and expertise, and to directly assist in water conservation efforts through the program alongside the Water Warriors.

"We will also continue to expand our commitment by continuously providing space for our customers to engage in water conservation missions with us," Rezki said. "We are currently in the era of collaboration, and we believe by bringing together the various potentials and skills that exist within us, then we will have a greater impact. Creative, adventurous and environmentally-aware youths will have the opportunity to receive a special briefing from TNC Indonesia before going on a trip to Yogyakarta and NTT, as well as to apply their knowledge and expertise to help the Ades Water Warriors in the Conserva(ca)tion event. "

This excitement will be introduced through Ades social media accounts on Facebook AdesIndonesia as well as Instagram @ades_indonesia.

Triyono Prijosoesilo, Public Affairs and Communication Director, Coca-Cola Indonesia said, "As part of The Coca-Cola Company's big family, water conservation is inseparable from wherever our business operate. As a company, we have implemented various Water Replenishment programs in the last decade that have restored at least more than 1 billion liters of water back to nature and communities, ranging from water conservation efforts through the construction of more than 4,000 infiltration wells, water saving infrastructure development such as rain water harvesting and construction of clean water access facilities, to the construction of embung (retention basins) to conserve water, which in turn will support sustainable agriculture and plantations. "

Rizal Algamar, Country Director of TNC Indonesia said, "As a non-profit organization operating in the field of environment, we deeply understand the importance of water conservation for the purpose of life. Through this collaboration, together we can conserve water resources by educating the people and changing water utilization paradigms to focus on efforts to save and utilize water in a sustainable way. Real actions like those performed by the Water Warriors and environmentalists are expected to inspire the emergence of more water warriors all across Indonesia."

All forms of water conservation efforts, such as recognizing notable figures as well as extending invitations to the young generation to support environmental conservation program, are examples of Ades’ commitment as a brand to become more responsible for environmental sustainability, with water conservation as one if its main focus. Ades’ commitment is represented by the following six dimensions:

  • Commitment to responsible water resource management,
  • Maintaining the absolute best and reliable quality,
  • Ensuring freshness and purity of water,
  • Striving to become a brand with a focus on environmental and natural conservation,
  • Commitment to giving back to the community
  • Commitment to addressing environmental concerns

Ades Perkuat Komitmen terhadap Lingkungan dan Masyarakat melalui Semangat Cintai Air, Cintai Hidup

Ades Perkuat Komitmen terhadap Lingkungan dan Masyarakat melalui Semangat Cintai Air, Cintai Hidup