Focusing on strategic partnerships to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia

Jakarta, August 22, 2017 Coinciding with its 17th anniversary, the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI) reiterates its commitment to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), an effort currently being undertaken by the Government of Indonesia. In addition to focusing on strengthening the three main dimensions of SDG, namely Social Development, Economic Development and Environmental Development, the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia specifically emphasizes its commitment in encouraging the achievement of the 17th pillar of SDG, 'Partnership for The Goals' which adopted the Government – Company – Society strategic partnerships approach as its main theme.

Titie Sadarini, Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia said: "On August 8, 2000, CCFI was born as a common embodiment of the unification of Coca-Cola systems in Indonesia, namely Coca-Cola Indonesia and Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia as its bottling partner, to form a non-profit foundation, designed to support and provide a real impact for the welfare improvement of a sustainable Indonesian society. At this celebration, we are joined together to affirm our commitment to continue delivering sustainable programs that are in harmony with the Government’s efforts in achieving the SDG targets in Indonesia. "

Various programs have been implemented for more than a decade in three major dimensions, consisting of wellbeing improvement, community empowerment, and environmental protection, particularly in relation to water resources (environment & water stewardship). "We see that at least 10 of the 17 existing SDG pillars have been included in our various programs, starting from Indonesia SeGar Program & Coke Kicks which are focused on creating a more active and healthy Indonesian generation, to PERPUSERU, Coke Forest and 5by20 programs focused on empowerment and creation of new job opportunities, to programs focused on saving water resources and conserving the environment as well as the 'Lumbung Air' Program and Bali Beach Clean Up", explained Titie Sadarini.

A real commitment to Society, Economy and the Environment

In the individual wellbeing development and improvement dimension, Coca-Cola through the Indonesia SeGar (Sehat & Bugar) Program, first initiated in 2013, has completed the construction of 22 city parks in Jakarta, Bandung and Bogor, equipped with outdoor sports facilities for residents, conducted a series of training and counseling about the importance of an active lifestyle to more than 50 junior/senior high schools and provide Exercise is Medicine training to health workers and doctors. The Coke Kicks program has provided inspiration and professional football training to nearly 15,000 teenagers in more than 640 villages adjacent to the area where the Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia plant operates.

In the community empowerment dimension, the PERPUSERU Program, a collaboration between CCFI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has transformed 568 libraries in 102 districts and 233 villages across Indonesia into IT-based Community Learning Centers by the end of 2016. Through this program, it is expected that by the end of 2018, 10 million Indonesians can benefit and possess new skills as they move closer towards economic independence.

As for women empowerment in Indonesia, Coca-Cola has also implemented part of the 5by20 Global Program, which targets economic empowerment through the capacity building of 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020. In addition to the environmental preservation dimension, the Coca-Cola Forest Program initiated by Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia has planted more than 6.800 trees and donated more than 300.000 trees to the community since 2014. As part of community empowerment, the timber produced from the trees will be used to support the infrastructure development of 18 schools in Lampung and Semarang. On a regular basis, a team from Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia also opens a Coke Forest nursery facility located within its plant to serve as a community learning center that provide training and counseling on environmental conservation. At least more than 850 students and people living in the surrounding communities have participated in this training program.

In the environmental protection dimension, Coca-Cola has consistently upheld its Water Neutral commitment, which aims to restore the amount of water used in the production process back to nature and the community. Through the Lumbung Air’ Infiltration Well Program, more than 1 billion liters of water has been restored to the ground through the intervention of more than 4.000 infiltration wells in various water catchment areas across Indonesia. In 2015, Coca-Cola has reached 164% water neutrality in Indonesia, which means that it has restored more water than it took. The Bali Beach Clean Up program has been consistently implemented by Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia for more than 10 years and has at least collected nearly 35 million kilograms of waste from 9.7 kilometers of coastal areas in Bali.  In its journey, collaborations with the government and local communities is continuously improved. Currently, the Bali Beach Clean Up program involves 78 clean up crews from the local community and supports the provision of infrastructure in the form of 4 units of beach cleaning tractors, 3 units of carrier trucks, 2 baber surf rakes as well as 150 units of trash can/year. Regarding marine biota conservation, the Bali Beach Clean Up program has also established and supported the operations of the sea turtle breeding facility Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation, which, since 2010, has participated in the return of more than 150 thousand tukiks (baby turtles) to open sea.

Achieving SDG in the “Kerja Bersama” era

President Jokowi through his government voiced a very strong theme which he dubbed “Kerja Bersama” during the 72nd anniversary of Republic of Indonesia celebrations. This great theme is also one of the decisive pillars of national development, which is also reflected in one of the pillars of SDG, Partnership for the Goals.

Timotheus Lesmana, Chairman of the Philanthropy & Business Indonesia for SDG revealed: “We appreciate the work from all parties in building a sustainable Indonesia. It is true that every pillar of SDG has the same weight and is interrelated, but keep in mind that the 17th pillar “Partnership for Goals” becomes very important in ensuring an effective achievement of SDG. Not only as part of world agreement, but for the government, the achievement of SDG will also support the realization of the Nawa Cita agenda of President Joko Widodo’s government, especially in addressing three important issues in Indonesia, Poverty, Economic Inequality and Unemployment. This requires a ‘joint work’ approach between all national development actors, be it the government or parliament, academics and experts, Philanthropy and Business, civil society organization and the media to jointly create synergies based on their strength and roles.”

As a unified system, the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia, Coca-Cola Indonesia and Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia share the same vision. “In celebration of the anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia “Kerja Bersama”, we view the implementation of the 17th pillar of SDG “Partnership for the Goals” as becoming increasingly important. We always include elements of strategic partnership in each of our programs to ensure their sustainability. Now, our homework in supporting the achievement of SDG in Indonesia grows larger. Therefore, coinciding with the 17th anniversary of the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia, we want to strengthen our commitment as well as invite more parties to bring about a better change to Indonesia,” stated Titie Sadarini.

With the establishment of the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia, Coca-Cola Indonesia has been present for more than 90 years in Indonesia, alongside its partner, Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia which itself has also been present for more than 25 years in Indonesia. Together, as a unified Coca-Cola system in Indonesia, it brings the highest commitment in its continuing role in national development as well as becoming part in the focus of achieving SDG in Indonesia: Building Economy – Building Communities – Building Environment.

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